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Press Release

DC Moore Gallery is pleased to present A S K E W, a group exhibition featuring works by Lisha Bai, Tom Burckhardt, James Esber, Chie Fueki, Mary Frank, Sharon Horvath, Mark Innerst, Yvonne Jacquette, Suzanne Joelson, Duane Michals, Carrie Moyer, Katia Santibañez, Karen Schifano, Leah Tacha, Barbara Takenaga, and Alexi Worth.

Over the past years, there has been a globally-shared unsettling of what we have understood as “normal” everyday life. As ideologies and supply chains become more fractured, and too many in power lead with misinformation, truth and fact seem to have taken on a strange flexibility, destabilizing our habits and assumptions in ways that can feel minor one day, overwhelming the next. 

The paintings, photographs, and sculptures in the exhibition reflect the many ways in which we have felt this unsettling, and been forced to look inside ourselves, attempting to reset. They suggest the discomfort—and precarious vitality— that can come from the state of being thrown off, of feeling askew. 

The connections between these works are strengthened by what is absent: groups gathered, realistic portraiture, naturalistic landscapes. Instead, the artists here create abstract or coded meditations on our inner selves, our bodies, the cosmos, and the immediate environment. Like pieces of a puzzle, each fills in some of the subjective contours of our still-assembling sense of this uncomfortable time.

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