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Eric Aho: Headwater

Eric Aho debuts a new series of monumental and intimately scaled paintings that feature captivating scenes of the natural world. Inspired by the artist’s explorations and wanderings amidst the lush, forest landscape surrounding his home in Saxtons River, Vermont, Aho’s canvases convey a sense of vastness and intimacy with the land.

Using color, scale, gesture, and rhythm, Aho’s depictions of the natural world are an exchange of contrasts between abstraction and representation, experience and memory. Embracing romantic and modern traditions, the artist’s images of rivers, waterfalls, streams, and brooks coursing through deep forest interiors reflect our relationship with the wilderness – as being a part of nature, yet also an intruder. In Headwater, Eric Aho’s immersive canvases invite us to consider what painting from life and representing the natural world means today.

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