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Magic Hour Podcast, Episode 1: Duane Michals

Recorded in New York City             
Episode Length: 42:00
Air Date: June 15, 2016  

Produced by: Jordan Weitzman & Michelle Macklem, Edited by: Cristal Duhaime

In this episode, photographer Duane Michals talks to Jordan Weitzman about his early days in photography to the work he is doing today. Michals is best known for his Sequences, which he first started to develop in the mid sixties. He has had an eclectic career, from that early work being exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York to doing commercial work for Vogue and Esquire. He is a self-taught photographer and his work broke away from the established styles of the sixties, from his portraits to his iconoclastic combinations of image and text to his very personal approach to bookmaking. Duane has been with his partner Fred Gorey for over 55 years and they live together in New York City. He is 84 and still working, still feeling inspired, still playful in his philosophical and thoughtful approaches to photography.

(Image) Duane Michals, New York City Photos by Jordan Weitzman

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