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Robert Kushner at Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery
Robert Kushner
Treasures, Souvenirs, Memories: New Collages
Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery, Osaka, Japan

Wednesday, October 1 - Saturday, October 25, 2014
Artist Talk: Friday, October 24, 5-6pm

Of this exhibition of works-on-paper, Kushner writes:

"I wanted the texts and images to be neutral. I was not very concerned with exact content. Rather I wanted their age and exoticism of the papers to create a kind of nostalgic ambiance, not to evoke any one time in particular, but to connote “other." Gradually, I have come to be more autobiographical with the materials. I have started to include pieces of ephemera that meant something to me, that marked significant places or events alongside found texts the content of which I had no grasp."

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