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Virtual Artist Talk: Eric Aho: Headwater

Vermont-based painter Eric Aho discusses his BCA exhibition ‘Headwater’ with BCA Curator and Director of Exhibitions Heather Ferrell on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Aho is a nationally known for his immersive paintings of the natural world that convey both a sense of vastness and intimacy with the land. For his talk, the artist discusses the thematic foundations of the “Headwater,” how his creative practice connects to the natural world, and his approach to painting – an evocative blend of abstraction and realism, observation and memory. Aho reveals the literary and visual sources that inform his work, from poets and essayists to the verdant forest surrounding his Saxons River, Vermont home. The artist also reflects on the connection between conflict and the landscape discussing the current invasion and war in Ukraine.

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