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Virtual Gallery Opening: Mapping a Friendship, Joyce Kozloff and Simonetta Moro

The Gallery of Art of Temple University Rome is delighted to present the virtual exhibition Mapping a Friendship: Joyce Kozloff and Simonetta Moro, on Tuesday May 18 at 7pm CET/1pm EST.

Join us on zoom to visit the exhibition in conversation with the artists.

Mapping and friendship are the key words that define the relationship of these artists, who met at the American Academy in Rome in 1999, during their respective residencies. Born on different continents and separated by a generation, they found a common ground as artists and as friends, and this relationship has persisted throughout the years.

Politically active since the 1970s with the feminist art movement, by the 1990s Joyce Kozloff addressed geopolitical issues, in public commissions and private works through books, paintings, and sculptures. The works are complex iterations of fabricated maps; the places are hybrids, woven together from memories and imagination as the artist explores a world view of nostalgia and her concerns for the barbarity of aggression and expansion. This exhibition presents a selection of new works by the artist.

Painting, drawing and printmaking are at the root of Simonetta Moro’s practice; mapping is her conceptual search. Her works layer past and present, detail and overview, real and imaginary, memory and observation, in an exploration of the politics and poetics of places, to evoke the idea of a journey.

We thank the American Academy in Rome for their support.

The virtual opening and conversation with the artists will take place on May 18 at 7pm CET/1pm EST.

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