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Whitfield Lovell: The Kin Series and Related Works

Whitfield Lovell
Kin XLV (Das Lied von der Erde) , 2011
The Phillips Collection, The Dreier Fund for Acquisitions, 2013

The work of internationally recognized American artist Whitfield Lovell (b. 1959, Bronx, New York) powerfully examines “the markings that the past has made—and continues to make—on who we are.” In his exquisitely crafted Kin series and related tableaux, Lovell combines freely drawn Conté crayon figures of anonymous African Americans with time worn objects from everyday life, such as a brooch, clock, or flag. Lovell’s poetic combinations “transgress cultural or racial boundaries” in their exploration of identity, heritage, memory, and our collective American past. This exhibition of 40 works features selections from the Kin series in dialogue with some of his finest related works.

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