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Press Release

November 4 - 7
Benefit Preview: Wednesday, November 3
Online and at Park Avenue Armory, New York, NY

DC Moore Gallery is pleased to present a solo presentation of new paintings by American artist Barbara Takenaga.

Barbara Takenaga’s paintings offer abstract visual translations alluding to the ever-changing nature of the physical world while challenging our understanding of those very spaces in a psychologically mesmerizing manner. Takenaga arranges the simple components of her dense, abstract paintings into stunningly detailed compositions that undulate, radiate, and recede in seemingly infinite space. Her dazzling repetition of forms suggests the inherent yet sometimes incomprehensible logic of both the cosmic and the cellular, while spontaneous twists and puckers preserve the elements of wonder and surprise. Crisp, saturated color defines each discrete element in the tightly woven, tessellated work.

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