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Press Release

DC Moore Gallery is proud to present Carrie Moyer’s one-person exhibition for Frieze New York.  Since exhibiting to much acclaim in the 2017 Whitney Biennial, Moyer is increasingly known for her unabashedly sumptuous paintings on canvas that explore and extend the legacy of American Abstraction, while paying homage to many of its seminal female figures, among them Helen Frankenthaler, Elizabeth Murray, and Georgia O'Keeffe. Overflowing with visual precedents and recognizable forms, Moyer’s work proposes a new approach to fusing material experimentation and a passion for the history of painting into a highly original voice. 

In New York Magazine's 2018 review, Jerry Saltz writes of Moyer's exhibition Pagan's Rapture, "Carrie Moyer is making the hottest, most ambitious and optically ferocious abstract paintings of her life. Sensual passages of stains, drips, and what look like imprints made from available female bodies conjure a world of light, cloud-scapes, body interiors, sex up close, and diamond gasses. The spaces she creates are simultaneously deep, biological, psychological, and metaphysical."  

Treating color more like a three-dimensional substance, Moyer pushes its possibilities past the concrete and obvious towards a kind of “embodied” abstraction.  Color is a character in her compositions, playing every role: energy, matter, figure, ooze, architecture, the cosmic and the cosmos. With a wry sense of humor, Moyer’s pictures present a lush, imaginative world in which the sensation and interpretation flicker between the figurative and the abstract, the graphic and the gossamer, and the familiar and the uncanny.  

A recent study trip to Italy influenced this group of paintings presented at Frieze New York. 

Frieze Viewing Rooms are open for VIP access Wednesday, May 6, and Thursday, May 7 at 10am EDT. Public access begins Friday, May 8, through Friday, May 15.

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